Outdoor Bike Storage Reviews

Whether you use your bike for exploring winding mountain trails or to commute to and from work, it needs a durable and safe storage unit. The last thing you want to do is bring your bike indoors. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can track in dirt and grime from your last ride.

Outdoor bike storage lets you keep your bike and equipment safe from the elements and would-be thieves. Sheds have enough room to house your entire family’s bikes and any other maintenance equipment while basic covers keep everything safe rain and sun damage.

A wide variety of storage options are available on the market. To help you on your search for the best storage solution, we’ve compiled a list of high-quality options to keep your bike safe.

Suncast 8×10 Tremont Shed

This large storage shed has enough room to hold multiple bikes and has a refined design that will look great in any backyard. It measures approximately 8 feet wide by 10 feet long, giving you more than enough space to store your biking essentials as well as some toys or lawncare gear. In terms of durability, this shed is made from double-wall resin and has a roof and floor reinforced with metal.

Despite the resilient materials, this storage solution has a great look. The resin is colored and textured to look like real wood. It even has a shingle-style roof that prevents water penetration. One big perk of the design and materials is that the shed has fewer maintenance requirements than wood. It holds up well to constant sun and can be cleaned with a hose. There’s no worry about the finish degrading over time.

To keep your bike secure, the shed has a double-door entry with two strong handles. The door can be locked with a chain and padlock for added protection. The shed is easy to assemble but will durable outside bike storage for many years to come.


  • Made from durable resin material

  • Reinforced floor and ceiling

  • Easy to assemble

  • Large size can easily fit multiple bikes and gear

  • Easy to maintain


  • Requires a foundation of concrete or wood

  • Not compatible with all shelving units

  • Doesn’t have an integrated key lock system

  • Only one color scheme available

Yardstash IV

If you’re looking for a portable storage solution, the YardStash IV is a great option. While it won’t provide lasting protection, the simple design makes it a viable option for those that need quick protection on the go. It’s designed very similarly to a sleeping tent in terms of materials and assembly.

The structural frame is made from thin metal rods. These rods attach to one another to create the wall frames and sloped roof. To keep your bike safe from sun and rain, the outside is made from thick vinyl tarpaulin. It’s a tear-proof material that’s also resistant to sun damage.

When fully assembled, this versatile outdoor bike storage solution measures 74 inches wide by 32 inches deep. It rises to a height of 68 inches. This smaller footprint makes it ideal if you’re tight on space. Even with its small size, you could easily fit two adult bikes. While it won’t have a ton of room for extras, there is a bit of wiggle room on the built-in floor to stash small equipment.

For added protection, the entire shed can be sealed to keep dirt and water out. The opening can be closed via two zippers. There’s some mesh towards the top of the unit to keep the area ventilated. To secure your bikes to a fence while keeping them out of the weather, a small velcro flap is located on the back.


  • Sets up in minutes

  • Comes with a carrying case for portability

  • Made from resilient vinyl tarpaulin

  • Low price tag


  • Soft-sided construction

  • Doesn’t hold up well to high winds

ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box

This outdoor bike storage shed is simple, affordable, and easy to move at a moment’s notice. Unlike the previous shed that was comprised of fixed walls, this option utilizes a steel frame and a fabric cover. It’s more of a temporary solution that can provide you with protection in a pinch.

It’s available in a number of sizes, allowing you to get the perfect amount of space that you need to store your bikes. Sizes range from a small 36 square feet of storage space up to 144 square feet. It comes in both square and rectangular shapes to better suit your storage needs.

The main structural component is made from thick steel. This steel is powder coated to resist damage from the elements. The exterior fabric is made from triple-layer polyethylene. The edges are heat sealed to prevent fraying and improve the overall water protection. It’s also treated to have UV protection. This fabric is attached to the frame with a ratchet tightening system to ensure that it stays put in strong winds. The inside of the fabric is bright white to increase visibility while a roll-up flap provides easy access.


  • Easy to set up

  • Steel frame is treated to prevent rust and peeling

  • Uses durable fabric that’s UV treated

  • Doesn’t require a foundation

  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Doesn’t offer protection from theft

  • Can’t be used with any shelving system

  • Not a permanent storage solution

  • Can’t provide complete protection from the elements

YardStash Bicycle Cover XL

This option from YardStash is very affordable and versatile enough for a variety of uses. Unlike previous options that kept bikes safe under a roof, this option simply covers and wraps the bike. It measures 82 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 44 inches high.

The cover has a unique tapered shape that can easily accommodate three large bikes. To protect it from the elements, simply throw the cover over the bikes, tighten the drawstrings, and secure the middle buckle underneath. Despite its simple design, the cover is made to keep the bikes secure. Plenty of elastics and drawstrings make it easy to conform the cover to the shape of the bikes.

There’s also some ventilation to prevent condensation and corrosion. If you plan on securing the bike to something a bit more permanent, there are some eyelets on the front that are large enough to thread a chain through.

The cover is made from the thick polyester material. YardStash went with a UV-protected 210D and 600D polyester to keep it safe from damage. The top part of the cover is reinforced while the seams are taped to prevent fraying.


  • Very portable and comes with carrying case

  • Made from durable polyester material

  • Large enough to cover three bikes

  • Multiple ways to secure it over the bikes


  • Not a permanent solution

  • Takes some time to secure

  • Doesn’t hide the bikes from theft

Rubbermaid Slide-lid Shed

This bike storage shed is small enough for discrete placement. However, the unique shed can still hold up to three bikes with no problem. Instead of your typical tall shed with a swinging door, this shed lets you slide the top back so that you can ride your bike in after a day of riding.

It has a width of roughly 57 inches and a depth of 76 inches. The thing that makes this shed unique is that it’s only 53 inches high. It can be tucked away in a corner or against a fence for discretion. The shed is made from double-wall resin and has an impact resistant floor. There are 8 wall anchors so you can add pegboard or shelves for additional storage. Like other Rubbermaid options, it’s colored and textured to blend into the space.

The shed does have a typical swinging double door in addition to the sliding roof. These doors have a durable resin handle with holes that can easily accommodate a long keyed padlock. Half of the roof glides back on a smooth track. The sliding portion stacks directly on top of the stationary part of the roof, allowing you to place it directly against the wall without worrying about functionality. It features a locking mechanism to hold a separate lock as well.


  • Short and compact design

  • Can add shelving and pegboard inside for additional storage

  • Very secure with a locking mechanism

  • Roof slides back for easy entry

  • Easy to assemble with a few tools

  • Made from durable materials that are easy to maintain


  • Requires a smooth ground surface and foundation

  • Only comes in a single color variation

Keter Store-It-Out Max

If discretion and ease-of-use are what you’re after, this storage shed from Keter may be your solution. It can be placed against the wall of your home, on a fence, or even on your front patio. It’s very small in size, measuring only 57 inches wide by 32 inches deep and 49 inches high. It won’t offer much room for additional storage, but it can still accommodate up to two smaller kid bikes.

It’s perfect as a bike storage shed because it contains a hinged top in addition to a standard double swinging door on the front. The roof is placed on hydraulic pistons. These pistons make lifting the door up a breeze. The swinging doors feature two lock loops. The roof door closes and latches over the lock loops, allowing you to secure the entire shed with a single lock.

Durable polypropylene resin is utilized throughout. It’s molded to have a wood grain texture. For added durability, the entire shed it reinforced with steel. There’s an included floor panel to keep your bikes off the ground and a smooth threshold to make quick work of wheeling them in. The entire shed is treated for UV protection and built to prevent water penetration.


  • Small footprint and discrete look

  • Built of high-quality materials

  • Reinforced with steel

  • Hinged top and swinging doors


  • Not enough room to store gear

  • Hinged top doesn’t allow you to ride the bike in

  • Requires a smooth ground surface

  • Only one color available