How to Build a Sandbox

If you prefer not to buy a sandbox and do not want to dig out a sand pit, then making one yourself is certainly an option. There are several things you need to consider, including placement, material and how handy you are with power tools.

The simplest way to build a sandbox is to take 2″x 8″ pressure treated boards and make a box. Lay landscaping cloth over the area where the sandbox will sit. The ground should be level. The cloth will help prevent weeds from taking over. Put the wooden box on top of the cloth and fill it with play sand. This model will work, and is so easy that most people can build it in a few hours with a circular saw, a hammer, and nails. To make the box more sturdy you can attach the sides together with outdoor wood screws and use a 2″ x 6″ inside the bottom of the box as a cross-brace.
build a sandbox

There are many things you can do to improve on this simple box. For example, you can:

  • Paint the sides with bright colors
  • Add seats to the corners
  • Add a top to keep out cats and other wildlife

If you want a cover on the sandbox, but do not want to have to worry about lifting off a heavy wooden lid, you can get really creative and build a hinged lid that turns into seating.
You can always go all out and build a nice stained box with a wooden lid like this man did. He says it cost less than $100 in materials to build. However, to build this sandbox and have it look great, you will need some skills with power tools.