Inflatable Pool With Seats

Are you tired of sitting on the ground while your child splashes in your backyard pool? An inflatable pool with seats will help you out. There are not many blow-up pools with seats included, but we managed to find a few for you. If you do choose one of these pools, you will need a pump to inflate it easily.

Pros of Inflatable Pools with Seats

  • You don’t sit on the hard ground

  • Easy to transport

  • Less expensive than above-ground pools with frames

Cons of Inflatable Pools with Seats

  • If you puncture it, you may have to repair it with a vinyl pool patch kit

  • These pools are not very deep

  • These pools are limited in size

Intex makes many styles of above ground family pools. The company has been around a long time and their pools are generally durable. These two pools are different in more than just price. The square pool is not quite as deep as the round one, but is is a little larger. It has four seats while the round pool has a single bench seat.

If you only need one seat this pool may be a better option for you and it has a built in sprinkler.

If you don’t want to empty and deflate your pool everyday, the round Intex pool is also available with a cover.