Best Patio Umbrella Light

Patio umbrella light is essential if you want to enjoy dining outside. Even if you have outdoor lighting, the patio umbrella will block out the light. This makes eating and having conversations difficult. The solution is installing a patio umbrella light.

These lights attach to the umbrella pole and use energy efficient LED lights. They are dimmable, with 2 or 3 levels of lighting, depending on the model you choose. You can even get a light with a remote control so that you can turn on the light to help you find your way to the table.

Please note that none of these lights are waterproof, but they are water resistant. If you hang them under your umbrella they should be fine. We do not recommend leaving them sitting out on the deck railing during a storm.

If you are still shopping for an umbrella you should take a look at these solar powered umbrellas that have LED lights built in.

Top LED Umbrella Lights

ProductPower SourceDimmablePicturePrice
Patio Umbrella String LightsBatteries - 3 AA8 levels and a remote controlCheck Price on Amazon
28 Patio Umbrella LightsBatteries - 4 AA3 levelsCheck Price on Amazon
KINGSO Patio Umbrella LightBatteries - 4 AA3 levelsCheck Price on Amazon
Parateck Remote Control LED Umbrella LightBatteries - 4 AA2 levelsCheck Price on Amazon