How to Build a Sandpit

Building a sandpit is a great alternative to building a sandbox. It works extremely well in a yard that is sloped or bumpy when you are not able to level the ground for a sandbox.

Sandpit with playhouseTo begin, mark the edges of the sandpit. You can use a hose, rope or spray paint to outline the general shape.

When you choose the location for your new sandpit be sure to consider shade, tree roots and whether or not rain will pool in the pit after a storm.

Once the pit is outlined, it is time to start digging. Remove any sod and then dig the pit 6-8 inches deep.

Cover the open ground with landscape cloth to help control the weeds. The cloth should extend outside the pit by at least 12 inches all the way around.

Fill the pit with sand. Use large stones, rocks or retaining wall blocks to line the edge of the pit. Trim the cloth flush to the edging material.

You can cover the remaining cloth with mulch or small stones to make the sand pit more attractive. Planting small perennials around the perimeter of the pit will help it blend into your landscape.

You can add a playhouse or combine a sandbox with a sandpit so that there is seating available to your children (and for you too!)

sandpit with sandbox