Best Teeter Totter

Three teeter totter sets made our top pick list. While they each have the standard seesaw motion, they are each unique. When buying a teeter totter be sure to get one that is appropriate to your child’s age and the sizes of the children who will use the toy. One of the reasons the Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter is our choice for best teeter totter is because it can handle smaller children as well as children up to about 150 lbs. This means that your children and their friends will get much more time to use the seesaw as they grow up.

Gym Dandy Teeter-Totter Home Seesaw Playground Set

The Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter is a two-in-one play set that can be used in the traditional way as a seesaw or it can rotate 360 degrees. It has a heavy duty frame that is powder-coated to be weather resistant. This outdoor toy is designed for use by children from ages 3 through 13. It has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds. It is fairly easy to assemble and the unit weighs 65.5 pounds once fully assembled.


  • It is designed for safety with ergonomic handlebars and hand grips that are comfortable to use, even for small hands

  • Offers hours of fun for kids with the different ways of playing

  • It’s made of high-quality materials with a finish that can easily last even when left outdoors in the weather

  • It can safely be used on grass or on pavement.

This teeter totter from Gym Dandy is ideal if you’re looking for an outdoor toy that provides play and exercise for a wide range of ages. It helps to strengthen muscles and increase balance, while also allowing younger kids to learn basic coordination. The seats are elongated and soft for comfort. The seats also have backrests which make them ideal for younger children who are still working on developing good balance. This toy can be used like a merry-go-round where the children are able to spin completely in a circle. The wheels that are located under each seat make the seesaw easier to use.

SLIDEWHIZZER Kids Teeter Totter Seesaw

A seesaw that acts like a rocking chair! Your kids will love this teeter totter. Each side supports a child up to 77 pounds so your children can enjoy it for years. The seats are full and have a back, so any child will feel safe and secure. It has a rust resistant finish and plastic seats so you can use it inside or outside. 

Simplay3 Two Sided Rock and Roll Teeter Totter and Climbing Bridge for 4 Children

This teeter totter toy doubles as a climbing bridge when you flip it over. And it lets 4 children play together at once.